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Choosing the right wallpaper for your walls !


Fabric backed Wallcoverings

Fabric backed Wallcoverings Fabric backed wallcovering is a heavy duty material which is more resistant to abrasion and tear. Compared to paper backed wallpapers, fabric backed wallcovering has higher water resistance and tear resistance. Fabric backed vinyl wallpapers are generally [...]

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Hotel Wallcoverings

Hotel Wallcoverings If you have walls with remarkable wallcoverings in the lobby of the hotel that you own or manage, your guests will start to admire your hotel as soon as they enter your hotel and pass through the lobby. [...]

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Flame retardant wallpaper

Flame retardant wallpaper Wallpapers, which are one of the main product of interior architecture, are manufactured in different colors, textures and patterns.Wallcoverings can be seen as the practical solution of home decoration and high traffic areas’ interior design; These products [...]

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Anti Bacterial Wallpaper

Anti Bacterial Wallpaper The spacious and elegant living spaces such as homes, schools, hospitals and hotels make the time spent in these areas more efficient.Choosing right items in making the places more livable is very important. One of these materials [...]

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